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Best Buy List

The Tre Ver Best Buy List is updated regularly, subject to the availability of the units.  The Best Buy List is strictly for a reference guide only and if your desired unit price not stated here, you may request for the price through here.  Reference to back The Tre Ver site plan, or to request for The Tre Ver showflat appointment, please click here.

TypeBedroomSize (sqft)Price ($)Stack
A21 Bedroom495sqft$842.000#17-20
A21 Bedroom495sqft$835,000#12-21
A31 Bedroom495sqft$834,000#13-37
B52 Bedroom + 2 Bath689sqft$1,153,000#14-29 (Final unit,Stack 29)
B62 Bedroom + 2 Bath700sqft$1,166,000#14-40 (Final 2 units, Stack 40)
B6-P2 Bedroom + 2 Bath700sqft$1,090,000#03-33 (Last unit, Stack 33)
B72 Bedroom + 2 Bath743sqft$1,212,000#20-39 (Final unit, Stack 39)
B7-P2 Bedroom + 2 Bath743sqft$1,197,000#03-34
B7-P2 Bedroom + 2 Bath743sqft$1,197,000#03-26
B7-P2 Bedroom + 2 Bath743sqft$1,203,000#03-23 (Final 2 units, Stack 23)
B82 Bedroom + 2 Bath753sqft$1,222,000#14-11
B82 Bedroom + 2 Bath753sqft$1,181,000#04-14
C13 Bedroom1012sqft$1,618,000#12-27
C13 Bedroom1012sqft$1,562,000#04-38
C33 Bedroom + Utility1098sqft$1,723,000#03-22
C43 Bedroom + Utility1098sqft$1,668,000#03-31
C4-P3 Bedroom + Utility1098sqft$1,664,000#03-35
C53 Bedroom + Utility1109sqft$1,804,000#17-18
D1-P4 Bedroom1335sqft$2,104,000#03-41
D1-P4 Bedromm1335sqft$2,114,000#03-43
D24 Bedroom1378sqft$2,162,000#04-15
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